Saturday, April 24, 2010

I lost weight but still have a belly fat, what shoud I do?

Weight Loss

Q: Hi Weight Loss ABC. I hope you can help me.

So, my problem is that when I was as a young teenager I always struggled with my weight weighing 168lbs at my heaviest at 5ft1. And today, as a young adult, I've got my weight way down to 110lbs at 5ft4 due to exercise.

I've been exercising for 9 weeks now almost every day for 30-40 mins or when I have time and I've lost about 23lbs, which has gotten me to 110lbs.

The main problem is that my legs are slim along with my arms, but what annoys me most is my stomach.

I did almost everything I could to lose weight: star jumps, jogging, running, hoping, but still, my stomach looks like as if it's water stuck there.. I want it flat looking! What I don't understand is that I'm now 110lbs, but I still have that rounded stomach. How do get rid of it completely? Is 10 weeks is not enough? Should I give it more time? Please help!

A: Sometimes you can exercise for years and you won't lose weight, because there are other important factors involved in weight loss process, such us: what you eat during the period when you do exercise? You have to make sure that you are eating healthy foods and huge amount of protein. So if you can't control and target weight loss, you can always make sure that you're eating cleanly enough and healthily enough to move the process along. Remember: healthy eating + exercise = key to success of weight loss! Make sure you set your goals, believe in yourself, stay determined, make time and stay motivated.

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Good luck!